ADX stands for average directional index. Its value ranges from 0 to 100.

As its name implies ADX is used to measure directional movement. Its value is derived from 2 other indicators +DI and -DI.

In this blog, I will provide list of KLSE Stocks based on
1. 13 Period ADX > 20
2. 13 Period +DI crosses over -DI for Long signal.
3. 13 Period +DI crosses under -DI for Short signal.
4. Volume trade > 100,000 shares

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Scan 8 Jun 17

Symbol TypeDateClose PriceVolume13 Day ADX13 Day +DI13 Day -DI
ASIA POLY HOLDINGS BHDLong6/8/20170.215225320028.973126
AWC FACILITY SOLUTIONS BHDLong6/8/20171.11480250020.013119
BINA PURI HOLDINGS BHDLong6/8/20170.42526740026.833825
ENGTEX GROUP BHDLong6/8/20171.37575640030.892821
ES CERAMICS TECHNOLOGY BHDLong6/8/20170.41194920020.652924
LITESPEED EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIELong6/8/20170.1633050026.213021
MMC CORPORATION BHDLong6/8/20172.5428140026.052321
PANTECH GROUP HOLDINGS BHDLong6/8/20170.605140570028.162722
SMR TECHNOLOGIES BHDLong6/8/20170.2105610021.673029
STARHILL REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTLong6/8/20171.2195710021.992316
TENCO BHDLong6/8/20170.3127880026.722625
TSR CAPITAL BHDLong6/8/20170.7618370020.022319
AHMAD ZAKI RESOURCES BHDShort6/8/20171.0493620023.752326
EFFICIENT E-SOLUTIONS BHDShort6/8/20170.3539530020.182526
KBB RESOURCES BHDShort6/8/20170.07526310020.432427
NATURAL BIO RESOURCES BHDShort6/8/20172.4891280024.552234
NI HSIN RESOURCES BHDShort6/8/20170.25533060024.913336

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