ADX stands for average directional index. Its value ranges from 0 to 100.

As its name implies ADX is used to measure directional movement. Its value is derived from 2 other indicators +DI and -DI.

In this blog, I will provide list of KLSE Stocks based on
1. 13 Period ADX > 20
2. 13 Period +DI crosses over -DI for Long signal.
3. 13 Period +DI crosses under -DI for Short signal.
4. Volume trade > 100,000 shares

Monday, June 19, 2017

Scan 19 Jun 17

Symbol TypeDateClose PriceVolume13 Day ADX13 Day +DI13 Day -DI
AT SYSTEMATIZATION BHDLong6/19/20170.042997760062.631312
IOI CORPORATION BHDLong6/19/20174.535500023.642019
KARYON INDUSTRIES BHDLong6/19/20170.255326020020.532421
MAJUPERAK HOLDINGS BHDLong6/19/20170.365294030041.164627
SARAWAK OIL PALMS BHDLong6/19/20173.6517720020.612925
TEX CYCLE TECHNOLOGY (M) BHDLong6/19/20171.2544570033.633027
ANN JOO RESOURCES BHDShort6/19/20173.05247090037.332125
DIJAYA CORPORATION BHDShort6/19/20170.95515350025.611416
DUFU TECHNOLOGY CORP. BHDShort6/19/20171.4595710021.812425
FOCUS DYNAMICS TECHNOLOGIES BHDShort6/19/20170.22535970047.532229
KELADI MAJU BHDShort6/19/20170.1151973340028.351425
NEXTNATION COMMUNICATION BHDShort6/19/20170.0457135620045.131921
ONLINE ONE CORPORATION BHDShort6/19/20170.16573130027.552324
PANTECH GROUP HOLDINGS BHDShort6/19/20170.5992540020.651923
QUILL CAPITA TRUSTShort6/19/20171.2767700032.941314
SEG INTERNATIONAL BHDShort6/19/20171.2147650027.471724

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