ADX stands for average directional index. Its value ranges from 0 to 100.

As its name implies ADX is used to measure directional movement. Its value is derived from 2 other indicators +DI and -DI.

In this blog, I will provide list of KLSE Stocks based on
1. 13 Period ADX > 20
2. 13 Period +DI crosses over -DI for Long signal.
3. 13 Period +DI crosses under -DI for Short signal.
4. Volume trade > 100,000 shares

Friday, January 19, 2018

Scan 19 Jan 18

Symbol TypeDateClose PriceVolume13 Day ADX13 Day +DI13 Day -DI
FRONTKEN CORPORATION BHDLong1/19/20180.465648790027.872523
MMS VENTURES BHDLong1/19/20181.8210830020.633726
PINTARAS JAYA BHDLong1/19/20183.829210027.834137
SBC CORPORATION BHDLong1/19/20180.5645060029.593626
SCIENTEX INCORPORATED BHDLong1/19/20188.7921800024.422417
VIZTEL SOLUTIONS BHDLong1/19/20180.335131950021.112924
KONSORTIUM TRANSNASIONAL BHDShort1/19/20180.13531600026.093233
LINGKARAN TRANS KOTA HOLDINGS BShort1/19/20185.7313410023.852930
MALAYSIAN RESOURCES CORPORATIONShort1/19/20181.181961130029.12225
PETRA ENERGY BHDShort1/19/20180.8723240023.592830
SUNWAY INFRASTRUCTURE BHDShort1/19/20180.1923550023.433031

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